Controversial News From CNN Provoke Kenyans

CNN has, again, been caught up in a deep controversy with the Kenyan community after airing controversial news regarding Obama’s security during his tour in the country. It is not the first time that CNN has been in beef with Kenyans, but this time the injury seemed quite intense. In a special coverage of Obama’s […]

Changes in Accomodations Come as Vacation Season Peaks

As we near the hot summer months, our minds inevitably turn to various locales. Vacations are a necessary way for our minds and bodies to take a break from our hectic lives. In some cases, employers mandate their workers to take some time away from the workplace. Some desirable locales include lush, tropical islands, or […]

Woman Stuck in Airport for 2 Days Without Wheelchair

A woman from Bowmanville has been distanced from her children for 2 days when her wheelchair was mistakenly left behind by an airline while the family was on vacation. Rose Finlay and her husband Brandon had planned a good family vacation for their two young children who are small toddlers when this incident occurred. The […]

The Top Antibiotics for Traveling

Whether you’re on the road in the U.S. or backpacking it around in another country, one thing is for sure. There’s nothing wrong with being a little cautious. Now I’m not talking about strapping yourself into a hotel bed and watching episodes of I Love Lucy in French. No, I’m talking about carrying the proper […]

Iconic Landmarks

The world is a vast and large place! That’s an obvious statement. But within each piece of land, country, continent, and area has a landmark that they are known for just having! Paris, France has the Eiffel Tower; India has the Taj Mahal; London has Big Ben…these are all Landmarks that people from all around […]

Hurricane Sandy Causes Flights Across the US to be Cancelled


Dubbed a ‘frankenstorm’ before the media decided it was too soft a term and renamed it the ‘superstorm’, hurricane Sandy finally made contact with the East Coast late on Monday and left a swath of destruction that will cost billions of dollars to clean up. Reported casualties have been relatively low so far, at least in the […]