Iconic Landmarks

The world is a vast and large place! That’s an obvious statement. But within each piece of land, country, continent, and area has a landmark that they are known for just having! Paris, France has the Eiffel Tower; India has the Taj Mahal; London has Big Ben…these are all Landmarks that people from all around […]

Hurricane Sandy Causes Flights Across the US to be Cancelled


Dubbed a ‘frankenstorm’ before the media decided it was too soft a term and renamed it the ‘superstorm’, hurricane Sandy finally made contact with the East Coast late on Monday and left a swath of destruction that will cost billions of dollars to clean up. Reported casualties have been relatively low so far, at least in the […]

Exploring South America

Machu Picchu

In the wake of the London Olympics we have slowly begun to turn our beady travel-hungry eyes on Brazil as the next Olympic destination. Predictably through we can’t wait four years to get out and explore this exciting country and similarly once we’ve considered buying a ticket to Brazil it would be criminal not to […]

Simpler US Tourist Visa Requirements Means More International Visitors

USA Tourist Visa

The US has seen a big increase in international visitors coming to spend a holiday here this year.  Why? In a bid to help the economy, Obama has been working on simplifying US visa applications, streamlining security and making the US seem like a more attractive and feasible place to visit. After 9/11, the process […]

Oktoberfest 2012

Oktoberfest 2012

This weekend saw one of the world’s best-known and loved beer festivals, Oktoberfest, kick off in Munich in what is in fact also the bicentennial of the creation of the Biergarten (or beer garden) of Bavaria. 200 years ago King Max Joseph I ruled that beer could legally be served in the place in which […]

Best new travel app: Skyscanner


The ideal app if you’re always on the go, the new Skyscanner app enables you to check the best travel deals and flight times at the touch of a button. Incredibly simple to use, the Skyskanner app will ensure you get the best deals out there without spending hours sifting through airline websites. The app […]

How to Buy Cheap Round The World RTW Tickets

cheap round the world rtw tickets

It’s not easy to plan a trip around the world. The biggest question may be: how do you buy flights for such a long trip? Do you buy many separate flights, or a Round The World (RTW) ticket through Star Alliance or One World? What is Star Alliance and One World, and how do RTW […]